New Pembrokeshire road trip route aims to boost business in Pembrokeshire

Businesses in Pembrokeshire and beyond are being invited to get involved with a new road trip route that helps tourists get the most out of the Pembrokeshire coast.

Designed to boost business in the area, The Pembrokeshire Coast 200, or PC200 for short, is a new road trip route that explores Pembrokeshire’s magnificent 200-mile coastline. It’s available as an interactive map or downloadable pdf and has been designed to take in spectacular views, pretty towns and villages, things to do and places to stay all the way around Pembrokeshire’s coast.

PC200 members are able to plan every aspect of their trip, including where to eat and stay, outdoor activities such as surfing, kayaking and hiking, places to eat and drink and places to visit. Membership is currently free.

Pembrokeshire businesses, and any businesses whose offering aligns with the experience offered by The PC200, can get involved as sponsors; several key businesses have already signed up, including an electric bike company and a company that sells canned wine (perfect for camping). More are invited to get involved, offering small discounts for PC200 members.

The route has been conceived, researched and created by Connor Ennis, who lives in the Pembrokeshire coastal town of Tenby and founded in 2015 at the age of 18. He grew up in a family whose name is synonymous with the caravan industry: Ennis Caravans, one of the first and largest caravan dealerships in the country, was founded by Connor’s grandfather in Llanelli.

Having grown up in the world of camping and caravanning, Connor has a passion for helping people get the most out of their trips. The PC200 is designed to do just that. It includes not only the route itself but also chances to share your experiences and win prizes for your own photographs of your travels. It’s all available at

The PC200 route sprang from Connor’s love of Pembrokeshire and his own eagerness to discover more of it. He was especially keen to encourage people visiting popular places in south Pembrokeshire to also venture to the north of the county and discover its unique beauty.

“I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire all my life and thought it would be good to actually help people discover all of it, because a lot of people only come to the south and don’t explore the north,” he says. “Tenby is one of the main hotspots for tourists, and it’s a beautiful place, but so is the rest of Pembrokeshire. I don’t think there’s another county in the world that has as such a diverse landscape of coastal areas, countryside and mountains – it’s got everything; Tenby is lovely, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“I felt what was needed was a road trip that people could take part and when I looked into it there wasn’t anything like it, so I decided to make one.”

Connor has made multiple road trips in order to research and create the route, which is designed to hug the coast as closely as possible. His trips have brought him plenty of pleasant surprises.

“Even though I know Pembrokeshire well, planning this itinerary led me to discover a lot of amazing places I didn’t know existed,” he says. “I’m biased because I live here but I don’t think there’s another place as diverse and beautiful as Pembrokeshire.”

The PC200 incudes recommendations for a huge range of activities, places to stay and attractions in the area, but the intention is that these will evolve and grow as more people follow the route and share their experiences.

“The idea is that people don’t have to follow my recommendations; every member will play a part in adding to the recommendations,” says Connor. “There will be options to suit a wide range of interests, from surfing to kids’ activities. Members will be able to enjoy discounts and offers , buy PC200 merchandise and win prizes for their photographs.”

He hopes that the route will become a top attraction for people holidaying in the UK and that it will be a boost for the area.

“I want to encourage tourism, help people get the most out of their trip and support businesses in the area,” he says. “Above all, I want to showcase everything Pembrokeshire’s coast has to offer.”