Adventure Travel Acquires New Routes and Extends Services

Adventure Travel has taken over two key Swansea City Centre bus routes from First Cymru as well as extending a popular Porthcawl service due to customer demand.

By the end of October, Adventure Travel will take over operation of Route 14, initially for a six month period, during which time the passenger numbers and long-term sustainability will be closely evaluated, and Route 24, which will operate the existing timetable without any changes for the foreseeable future. The popular ‘Valley 2 Beach’ Route 404 service, which was extended during the summer months to provide transport from the South Wales Valleys to Porthcawl, will now be implemented permanently.

Route 14, which connects Pennard, Bishopston, Swansea University and Swansea City Centre, is currently running with depleted passenger numbers compared to pre-Covid levels, and as such, Adventure Travel will work closely with Swansea City Council to try and establish a longer-term solution for this important route. Route 24 provides an important link for the people of Morriston, Treboeth, Brynhyfryd with Swansea City Centre and will continue to operate as normal by a small pool of regular drivers.

Following an immediate high take up of Route 404, and continued high passenger numbers since, the decision was taken to instate the ‘Valleys 2 Beach’ route as a permanent fixture running all year round.

Adam Keen, Managing Director of Adventure Travel, said: “The 404 is a fantastic success story, which saw us extend the previous route from Pontypridd to Bridgend, to continue onto Porthcawl so residents in the Valleys had direct access to the beach during the summer. The service proved immensely popular and passenger numbers have remained high. We expected numbers to drop off slightly towards the end of the summer season, but they have remained reasonably static. We also received a number of requests from customers to keep the service running and, in keeping with our policy to develop routes and networks based on customer feedback, we will continue operating the Porthcawl extension permanently beyond the initial period. As well as providing Pontypridd and the surrounding areas with a direct bus to the beach, this important route also provides a good level of service between Porthcawl and Bridgend, which has proven very popular indeed.

“We look forward to welcoming the existing Route 14 and 24 passengers onto our buses and providing our exceptional level of customer service. We will be working directly with Swansea City Council to pursue a viable solution to maintain Route 14.”

Route 14 falls within the Adventure Travel Inner Zone network, meaning that £4.50 Adult Day tickets are available, representing superb value for money. For full timetable and fares information on all routes for Adventure Travel, visit