Mystery Illness Leaves Horror Film Director Bedbound and Facing Eviction from Swansea Home

Once described as ‘one of the UK’s most prolific indepedent  horror film Directors’, Swansea’s Andrew Jones has gone from creating independent horror films to facing his own nightmares after being struck with a  rare life-threatening adrenal condition known as Cushing’s Syndrome which has left him bedbound and facing eviction as the couple have lost their income and are now relying on benefits.

Andrew is a popular film producer, screenwriter, director, and editor.  He founded North Bank Entertainment aged just 27, and has an established track record of commercially successful titles. Up until 2020, Andrew had produced 29 independent feature films including the popular Robert the Doll series, but having already been struggling after productions were put on hold during covid, Andrew was tragically struck with a sudden illness in 2020 which has prevented him from working and left him bed bound.

With little financial help available, and no income, Andrew and his producer wife, Sharron are crowdfunding in the hope of getting help, as they face the prospect of being evicted from their home, and also need to fund private treatment for Andrew as NHS resources are so limited.

Sharron explains:

“The benefits we receive are not enough to cover the rent, bills, or food let alone the additional life-saving private healthcare treatments Andrew now needs if he is to fully recover and resume his film-making career.

“The added stresses of the eviction notice has seen Andrew’s already dampened spirits impacted further, and while I am caring for him full time I have no income either.  I am hoping that by raising funds, we can secure enough money to provide somewhere safe for us to live while Andrew recovers, and pay for the treatment he needs.

“The treatments for Cushing’s Syndrome are invasive surgeries, radiotherapy, and a lifetime of toxic medications with adverse side effects which would prevent Andrew from returning to the career he loves. However, significant, natural treatments and protocols are a realistic option but would have to be paid for privately.

“Andrew is weak and exhausted, he has muscle atrophy in his arms and legs so cannot currently walk or use a wheelchair and he is bedridden.  He will need extensive rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and chiropractic and also we need to find new accommodation as, apart from the eviction notice, our current home is unsuitable anyway and we need to find .a ground floor home with good wheelchair access and a level access shower, so Andrew can work towards using a wheelchair until he is able to walk again.  The Council has very limited housing stock due to the current housing demand caused by the Covid Pandemic and knock-on economic situation with over 200,000 currently being evicted in the UK. The Council also will not house you till you actually become homeless, which is not an option for Andrew in this vulnerable condition. A truly catch 22 situation.”

“The professional healing team, ready to help, are confident that 12 months is what he needs to heal, and so we need 12 months of living and treatment costs raised. This will allow Andrew to ONLY focus on healing, and then getting back to what he does best – we have tried every other avenue and are hoping that the love, support and kindness of Andrew’s film fans, who have always been so supportive of his work, will enable them to make a small contribution to help aid his recovery so he can get back to making the films they love as soon as possible.

The couple have set up a funding page here:

There is also a Telegram and a FaceBook group you can join for updates, support, and anything else that contributes to helping Andrew heal.

Telegram Group