Telling the story of how Pembrokeshire’s food is produced to local school children

Primary school children from across Pembrokeshire have been invited to learn directly from local farmers where their food comes from in the first ever ‘Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society’s Food Story’ event to be held on the County Showground in Haverfordwest next month.

During the event arable, dairy, beef and sheep farmers from all over the county will be on hand to demonstrate and explain the journey of the different crops, milk, eggs and meat produced in Pembrokeshire.

Food Story Display at Pembrokeshire County Show

The event will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 & 12 October 2022 on the Pembrokeshire County Showground when there will be real machinery and animals for the local primary school children to see first-hand what is used to produce their food.

Mansel Raymond, President of Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society will be at the event. He said, “One of the important elements of Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society’s work is educational and spreading the word around the county about how local food is produced by farmers. The response to our Food Story interactive display at the County Show was extremely positive and we hope local schools and the children will learn a lot about where their food comes from when they attend the event in October. Both Ros and I are very grateful to all the farmers and supporters who are volunteering their time to make this event happen.”

There will be a harvest theme to the Food Story event which takes place next month which the organisers anticipate over 1,000 local school children will attend. Not only will the children learn about what food is produced in the county, they will also get an understanding for the reasons why it is impossible to grow certain foods all year round.

The event will also touch on how the weather and climate can affect the work farmers do and how the crops grow. Children will also get an opportunity to cook and taste something with local ingredients.

One of the event organisers, Kath Wilson, said, “The idea started when a few of us members of the Agricultural Society got together and decided we feel there is a real need to teach the children of Pembrokeshire where their food comes from. Not only that but to help them understand how the weather and climate change can effect that ability to produce food and why it is not possible to produce certain foods all year around even though they can see them for sale in the supermarkets for 12 months of the year.”

If any primary schools in the county have not yet applied to attend they need to obtain the application form from Ros Raymond by 4 October 2022. Please email: