New health and fitness club to open at Milford Haven Retail Park

A new state of the art health and fitness club has opened at Unit B, Milford Haven Retail Park in January.

B-Fit Health and Fitness Club, which has been located at Havens Head Retail Park since 2016, has moved to the new location due to expansion.

The new commercial gym on the ground floor is open now and members can access it 24/7. The gym will also soon offer private small group coaching in a first-floor personal training studio, plus changing and shower facilities and recovery rooms, including an ice room and sauna.

B-Fit’s founder Brett Sheppard is delighted with the move, which will enable him to offer better, more extensive facilities.

“One of the big benefits will be moving the private coaching upstairs into a new, more private environment,” he said. “We’ve also got space to add the changing and recovery rooms, which will really enhance members’ experience of a visit to the gym.”

Brett’s passion for personal training started at a young age. He struggled with his weight as a teenager, and this sparked an interest in healthy eating and exercise. He went on to shed eight stone and has kept the weight off for two decades. He also became a bodybuilder and qualified as a personal trainer so that he could help others achieve similar success.

He started his career in Cardiff and has helped thousands of people get into shape through his personal training, group coaching and online training programs.

In 2016 he moved back to his home turf of Pembrokeshire to start his own gym. B-Fit was the result – and it’s grown so much that it’s now time to take it to larger premises. He runs the business with Adam Sheppard and Robert Ryan, who look after the business side of the operation so that Brett can focus on his passion for training.

“I never get tired of seeing people enjoy the results of their efforts,” he says. “My own transformation was the reason I wanted to help others. I know the depression and anxiety that can come with being unhappy with your body shape, and the confidence that can come from waking up in the morning feeling good about your body.

“But it’s not just about looking the way you want – it’s also about health, energy, and longevity. It’s about having a strong immune system and being able to get a good night’s sleep. All of this can come from training, especially when you factor in nutrition, and we’re very much offering the full package at B-Fit. I love helping people – this is a very feelgood job and it’s exciting to be taking B-Fit to the next level.”