Cardiac MRI Service Launches at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital

HMT Sancta Maria Hospital has launched a brand-new service which will revolutionise cardiac diagnosis across private healthcare in West Wales.

The cardiac MRI offer is the only one of its kind within a private setting, west of Newport, and will play an integral role in the detailed diagnosis of a wide range of complex heart conditions, including, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, inherited heart conditions, heart valve disease and cardiac tumors.

Commenting on the launch of this service is Dr Tishi Ninan, consultant radiologist at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital, said:

“Cardiac MRI is one of the fastest growing imaging modalities, not just in the field of cardiology, but generally in the field of imaging. Twenty-years ago, you would only really find imaging services like this at tertiary hospitals or research centres, so this is huge for us here at Sancta Maria Hospital.

“The need for cardiac MRI has grown significantly and it’s fantastic that Sancta Maria is helping to meet these demands with this crucial, additional offer within our advanced diagnostics suite.”


Cardiac MRI is particularly effective for complex cases. The high-resolution images give very accurate measurements of the heart and that, accompanied with the fact it’s very safe, means it is particularly important for those patients with congenital heart disease, who will need multiple scans over time.


Tim Atter, Hospital Director at HMT Sancta Maria, said:

“We are extremely proud to now offer this diagnostic service as part of our ongoing expansion of services. We know our Cardiac MRI capabilities will benefit so many of our patients and will give the people of west Wales the opportunity to gain access to exceptionally high-quality imaging services without the need to travel too far. We are the only private hospital to offer this service west of Newport and are looking forward to supporting even more patients get the right diagnosis across South Wales and beyond.”


What to expect from a Cardiac MRI scan, as a patient:

A cardiac scan can range from 45 to 90 minutes. ECG leads will be attached to your skin to allow for heart rate monitoring during the scan. The examination will require you to hold your breath several times across the duration of the scan, and radiographers will also inject you with a clear contrast dye; to help highlight some structures more clearly. As a patient, your comfort will be top priority and you will have the comfort of pillows and headphones playing the music of your choosing during the duration.

If you have any questions or would like to book a scan, contact HMT Sancta Maria Hospital directly on or 01792 479 040