“Full to the Brim” Animal Rescue Centre Owner Makes Appeal As Time Closing Fast for Dogs in Local Pound

An animal rescue owner has put out a heartfelt appeal to other animal rescues as time is continuing to run out fast for five dogs at the local pound.

Lianne Evans runs West Wales Poundies, an animal rescue which takes in unclaimed dogs from local kennels who would otherwise be put down.  Unfortunately, given the cost of living crisis, almost every animal rescue in Wales is currently full to bursting – like most rescues, Lianne has no space available – but put out an appeal in the desperate hope that another rescue will be able to help.

Lianne said:

“I understand all rescues are full to bursting but I have to keep trying.  We have a number of dogs in the pound desperately looking for rescue spaces (not homes as the dogs are unassessed)

“The most urgent are :-

  • Male Boxer/Mastiff cross, super people and dog friendly.
  • Male Husky cross, super people and dog friendly.
  • Male Staffie cross, people friendly but not great with dogs.
  • Female Staffie, loves people not sure about dogs.
  • Female Lab x staffie? Super people and dog friendly.

“They are well overdue, the pound is full and soon they will have nowhere to go which can only mean one thing.

“There are more dogs in need – but these need out asap.

“It’s been years since I’ve had to chase for rescue spaces as we’ve been able to rehome all dogs from both pounds ourselves. But with our own kennels full and 10 in emergency boarding with costs that are crippling us we can’t take on any more.
“Unfortunately it’s the sign of the times, there are thousands more dogs than there are homes, we saw this coming but were helpless in stopping it.  So if everyone can keep sharing, begging, point me in the direction of who I can try – anything!”

Only other animal rescues can help in this situation – but animal lovers can help by rehoming an existing shelter dog

Lianne says unfortunately the help for these particular dogs would need to come from another rescue rather than rehoming requests, as none of the dogs in the pound have been assessed.  However, she adds:
“If you want to rehome a dog we already have a kennel full of dogs that are assessed, vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and chipped – all ready for rehoming – and by rehoming one of our current rescue dogs, this will create space for us to rescue these dogs.
“If you can offer one of our existing dogs a home, or can offer a foster place to one of them so we can free up kennel space to help these dogs, so please get in touch.
Other animal rescues who have space are urged to get in touch with Lianne urgently on 07561 251791