Leading names in sales, marketing and comms unite to launch experts platform for business

PROMINENT names in sales, marketing and communications have joined forces to launch a new online membership that offers small businesses access to expert training and advice.

My Expert Team (MET) launches today (Weds), a virtual platform focused on supporting SMEs and small businesses in North Wales and the North West.

Founded by Dawn Roberts, Managing Director of Outperform Training and Coaching, the ‘Netflix-style’ monthly subscription gives users unlimited access to hours of content on a wide range of topics.

Members can access masterclasses delivered by small business experts, attend live networking events, interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions, and capitalise on services tailored to their requirements and priorities.

There is also a pay-as-you-go option and a monthly package to choose from.

Joining her are Caroline Sanger-Davies, Director and Principal Consultant at Experience Marketing in Hawarden, and Martin Williams, Director of Radar PR, which has offices in St Asaph and Rhyl.

Having led sales teams and delivered training to thousands of people in the private and public sectors across the UK for more than 20 years, Dawn says MET will give members the opportunity to grow their reputations and customer bases while meeting new people and having key information and advice at their fingertips.

“For many organisations, hiring someone to come to their workplace and carry out this kind of training would prove expensive, and, given the economic challenges we are all facing, difficult to justify – My Expert Team is a solution to that problem,” said Dawn, from Prestatyn.

“The driving force behind this is giving people access to advice they might not otherwise be able to afford, smaller companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and sole traders who are often unsure what steps to take to achieve success.

“By that we don’t just mean financially, but in terms of growing, providing better customer service, sharing their story, communicating with each other, and building networks.

“We will be adding further topics – finance, HR, accounting, recruitment, AI, web design, photography and videography, event management and everything in between – and want to make this a valuable, end-to-end experience for everyone.”

She added: “Having Caroline and Martin as part of the team is fantastic as they have so much experience in the worlds of marketing, public relations, journalism, social media, and communications.

“Every business is unique, so the support they need must be unique too, without unrealistic targets and complicated processes.

“The feedback we’ve had has been so positive, more than 50 members have already signed up and we expect that to rise in the days and weeks ahead, with more experts joining as well.”

At just £29 a month, the MET subscription costs less than £1 a day over the course of the year.

Martin believes the membership will grow to become a crucial source of information and inspiration for companies across the region and said: “We have all spent hours in a room with no windows receiving training that could have been delivered in minutes, a waste of time and resources for the employee and employer, and that’s before travel and subsequent costs.

“This is the perfect way for businesses to access resources that will allow people to learn from the workplace or even at home when it suits them.

“And as a member there are many other facets to this, including events and live sessions which will feature members and experts from across different sectors – I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Caroline added: “MET is such a simple concept, it does not come with a huge price tag and as every business is unique, the range of experts and content is varied so there will be something for everyone.

“As well as online masterclasses and videos we will be hosting live events in person as well on a regular basis, which will bring people together to share their stories, learn from each other and let us know what training they want, and need.

“We are excited to see how this develops, it could be a game-changer for how we access experts in this part of the world and beyond.”

To join My Expert Team (MET) and for more information, visit www.myexpertteam.co.uk and follow them on social media @myexpertteam.