D-Day veteran and Delta CONNECT client celebrates 100th birthday

Reginald Pye is a remarkable man.

A World War Two veteran who served in the historic D-Day operation, he is a symbol of resilience and courage and is celebrating his 100th birthday.

Reggie, as he is affectionately known, celebrated the milestone with family and friends, and received a surprise visit from Delta Wellbeing pro-active team member Vicky Honeybun.

Vicky, who has enjoyed talking to Reggie on the phone as part of his regular pro-active calls with the Delta CONNECT service, wanted to mark the special day.

She delivered a card, cake and balloons to wish Reggie a happy birthday from everyone at Delta Wellbeing.

She said: “As I was welcomed into his home, Reggie was surrounded by family and friends, and the room resonated with laughter and love, full of cards marking his extraordinary life.

“To meet Reggie and his family and friends was an honour, and to be able to celebrate with them was a special experience.”

Reggie’s legacy extends way beyond his military service, inspiring communities at home in Carmarthenshire and throughout Wales and the UK, as well as in France, where he served with 224 Field Company, Royal Engineers as part of the Allied invasion of mainland Europe against the Germans.

He has visited France frequently over the years, including just last year, speaking to schoolchildren about the D-Day landings and his experiences during the war.

The centenarian received lots of videos and pictures sent to him from children in France wishing him a happy birthday.

Reggie signed up for Delta CONNECT, an enhanced lifeline and telecare service which helps people to live as independently as possible, following some health issues and falls at home.

His son Creighton said: “Having the lifeline is peace of mind, knowing that when dad is on his own, he can press the button and he can get help.

“Dad has had the lifeline in place for about 12 years, but we joined CONNECT in August to enhance the level of care and assistance available to him.”

His daughter-in-law Christina added: “Reggie wears his lifeline at all times, it brings him comfort having relied on it for many years and finding additional reassurance since joining CONNECT.”

Reggie’s health has improved in recent months, and he wears his lifeline while doing daily activities, including riding his exercise bike for 10 miles while he watches the news, going out in the community, or simply spending time with his loved ones.

Delta CONNECT is available across Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion and it is currently free for the first three months.

It includes Technology Enabled Care packages, pro-active wellbeing calls, access to a 24/7 community response team, and other wellbeing support and activities.

For more information visit www.deltawellbeing.org.uk or call one of Delta Wellbeing’s friendly advisors on 0300 333 2222.

Delta Wellbeing is a Local Authority Trading Company owned by Carmarthenshire County Council.