Welsh Accountants Bevan Buckland LLP Ranks in the Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms 2023

 Wales-based accountancy, tax and financial planning specialists, Bevan Buckland LLP, has been listed in the Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms 2023 rankings. The rankings, released on 24th November 2023, evaluate firms based on their total UK fee income for the last financial year.

The Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms rankings are an annual assessment of the top accounting firms in the UK. Bevan Buckland LLP’s rise in position from #99 in 2022 to #98 reflects the firm’s standing in the industry and its growth over the past year.

As the only independent Welsh firm listed, Bevan Buckland LLP emphasises its commitment to providing professional services to local businesses and individuals throughout Wales.

Gus Williams, CEO at Bevan Buckland LLP, said: “We are very pleased to be ranked in the Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms 2023; this reflects our staff’s dedication to providing quality service to all our clients. This achievement is significant as we are the only independent Welsh firm on the list.
Businesses are demanding more from their accountants, and we have built up a strong reputation in providing complex tax advice and are the leading auditors for SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. We have also seen a significant increase in the number of business sales, acquisitions and MBOs we are undertaking.

We are proud to continue investing in our team, building the skills and experience of Welsh talent and promoting local jobs; this has been reflected in the many internal promotions in recent years and the success of our training academy for school and university leavers.

Above all, we are proud to support the local Welsh economy.”

The Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms 2023 rankings serve as a benchmark for industry performance. Bevan Buckland LLP’s inclusion reaffirms its position as a notable player in the UK’s financial landscape.

Bevan Buckland LLP is Wales’s largest independent accountancy firm with over 100 staff and five offices: Swansea, Carmarthen, Pembroke Dock, Haverfordwest and Cowbridge. The firm provides practical support and strategic accounting, tax and financial planning advice for small to medium-sized businesses, and its feature in the Top 50+50 Accountancy Firms 2023 highlights its dedication to serving the local community and contributing to the economic success of Wales.


For more information, go to www.bevanbuckland.co.uk or call 01792 410100.