Velindre Cancer Centre Receives £1,500 Donation from Swansea Building Society’s Cowbridge Branch

Richard Miles hands check for 1500 to Kylie McKee

Swansea Building Society‘s Cowbridge branch has marked the end of its centennial year by making a contribution of £1,500 to Velindre Cancer Centre. This generous donation is directed specifically to support the enhancement of resources catering to children within the centre.

This donation marks the final contribution from a £100,000 fund pot allocated to support local charities throughout the Society’s centenary year.

Velindre Cancer Centre, known as The Hospital of Hope, received the donation to bolster the efforts of Specialist Nurse Michele Pengelly and Patient Support Manager Leigh-Anne Porter in organising vital children’s resources. These resources are crucial elements in providing emotional support to young patients dealing with the impact of a family member’s cancer diagnosis.

The funds will be used to purchase 100 educational books, aimed at explaining cancer diagnoses to children, along with 50 worry monsters, soft toys designed to provide comfort to the young ones.

The children’s resources at Velindre Cancer Centre play a pivotal role in creating a supportive environment for families facing the challenges of cancer. Through initiatives like these, the charity strives to improve the overall experience and outcomes of patients undergoing treatment and care at the hospital.

Richard Miles, Area Manager East and Head of Savings and Marketing, Swansea Building Society, said:

“As we close the chapter on our centenary year, it brings us immense pride to conclude our philanthropic journey with a meaningful contribution to Velindre Cancer Centre. We are honoured to support the remarkable work carried out by Specialist Nurse Michele Pengelly, Patient Support Manager Leigh-Anne Porter, and the entire team at Velindre.

“It has been wonderful to help so many local causes during our centenary year, and our commitment to the community remains unwavering. As such, we look forward to continuing our support for a wide range of vital causes in the years to come.”