Carmarthenshire young people scrutinise the Council’s budget proposals

Insight event, County Hall, Carmarthen

Year 10-13 pupils from 10 schools across the county have attended Carmarthenshire County Council’s annual Insight event, which is aimed at empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

Insight 2024 took place at County Hall on January 25, and offered the 66 young people in attendance with a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of budget policy decisions within the Council.

During the event, students from participating schools were split into teams and asked to put themselves in the shoes of the Council’s Cabinet Members to actively engage in discussions, preparations, and presentations throughout the day.

The hands-on experience provided the young people with an invaluable insight into the roles and responsibilities of Cabinet Members, as well as a comprehensive understanding of how the local authority operates and allocates its resources.

Carmarthenshire County Council recognises the importance of involving young minds in the decision-making process, especially during a time when the Council faces challenging decisions regarding the upcoming budget.

The event aligned with Carmarthenshire County Council’s budget consultationwhich closes on Sunday, 28 January, as it seeks feedback from the participating students to inform and guide Cabinet Members in making well-informed decisions.

Insight 2024 also supports the Council’s first well-being objective, which is to enable the children and young people of Carmarthenshire to have the best possible start in life.

Speaking after the event, Council Leader, Cllr. Darren Price said: “Today has been a great opportunity for us to hear the views of pupils from secondary schools from across the county. They’ve fed in their views in terms of our budget proposals, and the voice of young people is really important.

 “There have been some fantastic ideas put forward today and we look forward to taking those on board as part of the consultation process.”