Expanding law practice issues warning as almost half of UK adults yet to write a Will

ALMOST half of adults in the UK have not written a will.  

A report by the National Will Register also revealed 42% have not spoken to anyone about what should happen to their estate upon their death.

This is a growing issue nationwide, which is why Mackenzie Jones Solicitors – based in St Asaph, Menai Bridge and Chester – has added prominent Wills and Probate lawyer Matthew Skeels to its award-winning team.

Originally from Pembrokeshire and now living in Wirral – an area where the company has experienced growth in past months – the University of Chester graduate urged people to consider making a will and securing a Power of Attorney document for peace of mind.

“The most important aspect of doing so is the security of knowing your family and loved ones will receive your property or possessions and be cared for financially,” said Matthew, who has worked in the sector for more than a decade.

“But also, to help you avoid probate or any conflict and to make plans for the future. That applies to Power of Attorney as well, so that if you were to become ill or unable to work, or unable to make medical or ‘life’ decisions for yourself, someone else you trust and arrange for can make them for you.

“To see such a large percentage of the population do not have these safeguards in place is quite alarming given how family dynamics and demographics have changes over the generations, so we encourage people to get in touch, even just for advice and guidance so we can point you in the right direction.”

He added: “Being part of the growing team at Mackenzie Jones is fantastic, and with my contacts and presence in the North West that’s an area we will be focusing on over the coming years, in all areas of the business.”

The National Will Register report – published in 2023 – also found just 25% of adults have made a “life folder” with will details enclosed and told someone about it; 49% of respondents said their parents had never discussed instructions or details of a will either.

For those who have not made a will, two in five said that they had not got around to making one yet, while almost a third felt they did not have enough to warrant making a will.

Among over 55s, three in 10 have not spoken to anyone on the subject and half of those are unlikely to in the future – a figure that increases to 58% across all age groups.

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