Top 4 quintessentially British obsessions

We’ve all got our own habits, but there are a few things most Brits can agree upon. From drinking cups of tea to eating a roast dinner on the weekend, traditions shape our culture. When it comes to games and entertainment, sports and gambling take precedence too.

In this guide, we’ve explained a little bit about five of the traditions that almost any Brit can relate to, no matter how old you are or where in the country you live.


Why is British culture so unique?

Across Europe, everyday life is typically deeply rooted in a sense of family, trade and community.

An affinity for drinking tea is closely tied to overall impressions of British culture. However, as Brits have become moved into modern lifestyles, the traditional lifestyle has been replaced by different routines. One 2023 survey found that 57% of Brits enjoy a daily routine, sticking to the same habits on a regular basis. But there’s a lot more to our preferences as a nation than just tea and habit.


Our Famous Four British obsessions

  1. Talking about the weather

It seems that small talk often leads to conversations about the weather in the UK. To an outsider, this might feel like we’re obsessed with rain, clouds and sunshine, but this habit actually stems from a constant need to make conversation – and the weather is simply a safe subject.

British people don’t like to be rude. If a stranger strikes up a conversation with you about the rain or how cold it might feel on that night, try to take it as a sort of conversation starter.


  1. Classic games

Retro games move in and out with the times, but it’s certain that they play an important part in cultural history. From Space Invaders to casino games played in entertainment venues, these platforms combine a love for social interaction and friendly competition.

Bingo makes a great example. This old-school game is incredibly fun, combining suspense and a great social function. In the 60s and 70s, huge groups of players would congregate in traditional bingo halls to get involved. These venues have gradually faded out, but now players can turn play online bingo with live games and chat rooms.


  1. Tea

We’re now a nation of tea lovers, and it’s easy to have several cups in one day. Many Brits prefer to drink their tea only from one mug, with some even claiming that it won’t taste the same otherwise. It’s been around for hundreds of years but, until the eighteenth century, it was reserved only for the wealthiest people in the country.

Brits take their tea drinking incredibly seriously. You can even find social media groups that rate other people’s tea-making skills, judged by the colour and just how much milk goes in.


  1. Pets

Lastly, we’re a nation of animal lovers. It’s thought that at least 57% of UK households own at least one pet, with cats and dogs remaining firm favourites. That’s an estimated 13 million dogs and 12 million cats living in homes across the country.

Britain was the first ever country to start an animal welfare country, but as a nation, our links to animal companionship are clear. With many breeds boasting a rich and impressive pedigree line, it’s hardly surprising that through history, the wealthiest people in Britain have been pictured with dogs. From hunting hounds to glamorous corgis, our pets hold a special place in our hearts.