The Greener Camping Club leads the way for recycling in campsites across Wales

From 6 April, it will become law for all businesses, charities, and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling, in the same way as households do across most of Wales.

A network of campsites across Wales, is leading the way with its innovative approach to camping and its commitment to the separation of its recycling on site. Their recycling process consists of all waste on each site being separated for collection, with as many materials being recycled as possible; meaning that the Greener Camping Club’s waste management was already in line with the new workplace recycling guidelines.

The Greener Camping Club is a network of over 160 campsites scattered across Wales and England, that prides itself in being at the forefront of sustainable tourism and has always been separating its waste for recycling.

Since first launching in Pembrokeshire in 2015, the Greener Camping Club has prioritised its environmental impact without compromising on the camping experience, by providing premium-quality, eco-friendly camping holidays for its guests.

The Club also goes the extra mile to reduce how much waste is created at its campsites. From providing filtered water and reusable bottles, to offering amenities like fridges, and items such as wetsuits and surfboards. They also actively discourage single-use plastics.

Annie Loch, Director of the Greener Camping Club said: ‘When we established the Club it was agreed that its founding principle was to enhance the environment and wildlife of the campsites – and not encroach upon them. How we managed our waste played a huge role in that.

“Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we implemented our extensive recycling policies from launch and have continued to update them on a regular basis to ensure we’re following the latest recycling guidance.”

Annie continued: ‘We keep it as straightforward as possible for everyone to recycle. All our bins are placed in visible areas, are clearly labelled, and colour coded. Greener Camping Club campsite owners all embrace the Club’s green ethos and offer clear guidance to guests upon arrival, which includes information on the recycling policy and why it is important to us. It is part of our ethos as an organisation, so by camping at a Greener Camping Club site, our guests are adopting our ‘greener’ approach to camping and hopefully feel like they are helping to safeguard the future of our planet.

“The key to encouraging recycling is in the way you educate people about it. Our goal is to show people that being green is not only good for the environment but that it’s fun and engaging.”

The Greener Camping Club also checks that the recycling has not become contaminated before it’s collected to make sure the quality of its recycled waste is high.

Jacob Hyler, Executive Director of the Environmental Services Association said: The new Workplace Recycling Law marks another large step forward for Welsh recycling, building on the successful household system. 

The recycling and waste management industry very much supports measures to harmonise requirements, which reduces confusion, increases participation, and boosts performance. The certainty that clear and timely regulation provides also enables industry to invest in, and deliver, the services needed to support higher recycling rates.”

The aim of the new recycling law is to increase the quality and quantity of recycling, while keeping materials in use for as long as possible. This will bring significant economic opportunities, support supply chains, build greener communities, and support a circular economy for Wales.

In just 20 years, Wales has gone from recycling less than 5% to recycling 65% of our household waste and is now ranked third in the world. This helps to save around 400,000 tonnes of carbon emission every year. The new law will continue to improve these recycling rates and support Wales’ commitment to become a zero-waste nation by 2050.

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