Four tips for running a corporate charity fundraiser  

When done right, corporate charity fundraisers let your business give back to the community while boosting your employees’ morale and your brand’s reputation. But planning and executing a successful fundraiser requires careful consideration. So, how do you ensure your fundraiser makes a difference?

In this article, we’ll share four tips for running a corporate charity fundraiser.

Choose the right cause 

The foundation of any successful fundraiser is a cause that resonates. Instead of picking a at random from one of the 168,000+ charities in England and Wales, you should conduct a company-wide survey to identify causes relevant to your people. By selecting a cause your employees genuinely care about, you can generate more buy-in and enthusiasm and run a more impactful campaign.

Make it engaging

Next, you need to think about how you can make your fundraiser as engaging as possible. Dress-down days are a classic crowd pleaser, letting employees wear their favourite wacky outfits or home kits of beloved football teams. Skills-based challenges like coding competitions or 24-hour gaming are another solid option, encouraging workers to turn their talents and interests into opportunities to do good.

Spread the word

Even with the most engaging idea for the best cause, your fundraiser is sure to flop if no one knows about it. So, get the word out well in advance. Make the most of any communication channels your business has a presence on, including email, video conferencing apps and social media platforms.

Track your results

There are still things you can do to maximise the impact of your fundraiser, even after it’s already over. This includes sharing the final amount raised with your employees and the charity you partnered with. By highlighting the positive impact of your efforts, you can boost team morale and demonstrate your business’s dedication to helping others. Tracking the fundraiser’s results will also help you refine your strategy for future charitable initiatives.

Making a difference

Every charity fundraiser is well intentioned, but only exceptional ones materialise into powerful drivers of positive change. By following the above advice, you can ensure that your fundraiser is a memorable and impactful event that not only benefits your chosen cause, but also fosters a sense of social cohesion at your company that extends far beyond the business’s bottom line.