SHOULD COVID-FUR BABIES START DOG SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER? A poll of UK dog owners reveals ‘co-dependent’ Welsh pup-parents of the pandemic are three times as likely to spoil their pooch

With the first babies of the pandemic starting primary school this September, what happened to those lockdown ‘fur babies’ nearly five years on?

Amusing new data lifts the lid on ‘co-dependent’ pandemic dog-parents as they continue to spoil and splurge on their lockdown pups – prioritising the happiness of their dog over their human relationships, work and in some cases, even their children.


An intense relationship from the start, a new survey of 2,008 UKdog owners in found those in Wales who got a dog during lockdown were nearly 20% more likely to spend money on their dogs than their partners or friends.

The research, by leading pet treat Peamutt Butter, found lockdown Welsh pup-parents were twice1 as likely to go for joint health treatments – such as see the chiropractor – with their dog than pre-pandemic dog owners (8% vs 13%). However of everyone in the UK they were the least likely to wear matching clothes (2%) and carry their dog like a baby around the shops (2%).

But the nuttiness continues, as triple the number of lockdown dog owners in Wales compared to non-covid pet parents confessed to taking their pooch to a funeral or wedding.

Struggling with the concept of separation, one in five lockdown dog owners in the UK believed they worried more about their pet care or dog walker than their children’s childcare, with a similar number confessing they prefer spending time with their pooch than their kids.

Nearly five years on from the first lockdown, a quarter of those surveyed in Wales said they’d had a career change to ensure they could work from home with their dog, as well as changing their home and car to improve their dog’s quality of life. And 45% said they won’t go on holiday or abroad at fear of leaving the dog behind.


Perhaps it’s time to take stock; while nearly 50% of those surveyed in the UK said they treat their dog more than they treat themselves, lockdown pup parents were half as likely to invest in training or puppy school for their dog.


Dog behaviourist expert, Nanci Creedon, of Nanci Creedon Academy of Dog Trainers, said: “We have seen lots of reports of separation anxiety in Covid dogs, too much attention and focus has left some pets spoilt and high maintenance. This September, perhaps it’s not just the covid-babies that should be starting school. Training can happen at any age, there is still time to change bad habits, and address behavioural issues linked to lockdown lifestyle patterns.

“Ultimately it starts with the owners. The data shows Brits have become co-dependent on their dogs, and it appears difficult to outline who needs who more. Dogs bring so much joy to a home, but they need their own space, so I urge Britain’s dog owners to go and hang out with their human friends every once-in-a-while.”


A quarter of the owners surveyed by Peamutt Butter believed their dog to be their ‘first born’ child. And when it comes to spoiling our pooches, Brits are experts, more than 50% admitted they would spend as much as £100 on their dog’s birthday or Christmas gifts, with 31 of 2008 people surveyed spending nearly £3,000 on their dogs birthday per year.


Sally Addenbrook, brand marketing manager from Peamutt Butter, said: “When we created Peamutt Butter we made it because we believed our dogs were missing out on the treat of peanut butter. And every dog-mad pet owner wants to give their dogs the very best.

“We wanted something that was made solely for dogs and could be spread on their toys or lick mats, to enrich and calm them and to help build a stronger bond between human and dog.”


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