Ideas to Revamp Your Garden Shed This Summer Using LED Lights

Transforming your garden shed into a versatile and stylish space is easier than you think. Through the use of LED lighting, you can create a functional and gorgeous space that is tailored to your needs and hobbies. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a busy parent, an animal lover or a tireless creative, here are a little information and a few ideas to help and inspire you set up your very own indoor-outdoor space this summer:

What are garden rooms?

Garden rooms/ or garden sheds are versatile structures that can be transformed into various functional spaces. They can provide an additional living space without the need for extensive home renovations. On average, a basic garden room costs around £3,000 to £10,000 for a small, prefabricated structure with standard finishes, while a larger or custom-designed room can cost upwards of £15,000 to £30,000.

A key factor in setting up a garden room is lighting, Andy Jones, Marketing Director at UltraLEDs advises: “Festoons lights can be a great way to enhance the outside of the garden room. Depending on size these can range from £50 – £200 including bulbs and plug into a standard 3 pin plug so don’t require an electrician to fit them. For a more modern look, Neon Flex provides linear lighting to highlight architectural lines or provide added interest to exteriors. This look is more expensive due to the nature of the product and will need an electrician for installation. Price ranges from around £250.”

So let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can transform your garden room.

Golf Simulator Room

Transform your tool shed into a haven for golf aficionados. Equip your spare room with state-of-the-art lighting and immersive visuals, and you’ll have your very own golf course. Whether you want to refine that swing or simply host friendly competitions you can achieve a classy, year-round escape to the green fields. If you are looking for tips and inspirations, check out GSR (@golfsimrooms) and elevate your DIY setup.

Children’s Playroom

Have the little ones dive into a world of imagination and creativity and fashion the ultimate children’s playroom. You can design an interactive play area with colourful murals, a carefully curated selection of toys, books, games and colour-changing lighting. This space becomes a stimulating environment where children can enjoy both outdoor and indoor spaces safely.

Music Studio

Whether you’re a seasoned maestro or are simply seeking a quiet room to practise your first musical scales, having a dedicated space can make all the difference. A garden room provides the perfect setting to bring your musical visions to life. You will only require soundproofing, professional equipment, and a cosy vibe through dim and warm lighting

Educational Room

A mix between a pocket library and a studio. The educational room is a sacred space to expand your knowledge and to achieve deep focus. Brightly lit and stacked with books and interactive tools, this area is a hub for curiosity. The educational room can also be used for homework, creative writing, tutoring, or simply for delving into new subjects through a personalised learning experience that’s tailored to your interests and ambitions.

Aromatherapy Space

This room is perfect for deep relaxation and the pursuit of wellness. With soothing scents and a serene ambiance, this oasis allows you to break free from the stress of everyday life. By filling the air with calming, seasonal fragrances and a subdued lighting you can create a proper meditation sanctuary right in your backyard.

Pet Room for a Pampered Pooch

No one loves the outdoors (as well as the indoors) like our furry friends! Furnish your garden room with cosy beds, squeaky toys, and grooming station, et voila you’ll have a perfect pet room. This space should cater to your pet’s every need and whim, and a very easy area to clean and easy to sanitise but is more luxury pet hotel then outdoor kennel.

Gallery Space for a Photography Group or Local Meeting Space

Nothing fosters creativity and community spirit like a gallery space! Showcase your and your friends’ artworks and you’ll provide a platform for local talent. A garden room can easily be turned into a small gallery by setting up the space with ad hoc lighting that brings out the artworks’ details and depth  of field, plus you can use festoons to decorate the outdoor area to host gatherings, exhibitions and even workshops.

Building a garden room yourself can save on labour costs but requires time and skills. Prefabricated walls can simplify the process, though you might still need a tradesperson to lay the base. Companies like Oakwood Garden Rooms offer either complete builds or plans for DIY projects. Garden rooms can increase home demand, particularly if they provide extra living space like a bedroom. However, certain criteria must be met to avoid planning permission, such as not exceeding 30 square metres, not being used for accommodation, and not being higher than 2.5 metres if close to a boundary. The lifespan of a garden room is typically 10 to 25 years, which can be extended with regular maintenance.

All the information and ideas are provided by Andy Jones, Marketing Director of UltraLEDs.

Image credit: UltraLEDs and GSR