Welsh honey producer is sweeter than ever with brand-new Tesco listing.

Life is sweet for Newtown company Hilltop Honey after it announced a new partnership with Tesco.

The success story sees its latest product, Hilltop Welsh Blossom Honey, sticking to Tesco’s Welsh shelves from 5th February.

The honey, which is sourced solely out of Wales, will be packaged in a 227g clear glass jars, highlighting the amber glow of the honey itself, and will cost £7 in stores.

Made from 100% Welsh bees, the creation of the honey will support Welsh beekeepers from the beginning of the production process all through to the sale of each jar. Nothing has been added to the honey and nothing has been taken out.

Hilltop’s Welsh Blossom Honey is gathered by bees from a mix of wild blossoms, sourced from Welsh beekeepers across the ancient and rural landscapes of the Welsh countryside.

Native to the UK, the Welsh Blossom is an exquisite delight of spring, hosting a delicate fragrance and clusters of small white flowers where the bees forage.

This delicate fusion of honey and Welsh Blossoms makes for a sweet and floral aroma and taste.

Tesco Wales buyer Nathan Edwards is sure that the honey will be a pleasant treat for shoppers. He expressed his delight saying: “We are thrilled to have Hilltop’s latest honey product in our stores.

“Scott and Hilltop are perfect examples of how you can turn the thing you love into a way of life.

“Listening to how he turned his hobby into such a successful company is inspiring.

“I am proud to support Scott as he goes from success to success, etching his name and company into Welsh history.”

Hilltop Honey began when Scott Davies suffered a back injury in 2011, which saw him return to his childhood home in Newtown, where he started beekeeping as a hobby.

This same year, Scott’s mum gave him the name ‘Hilltop’ and he sold his very first jar of honey.

Since then, Hilltop has gone from strength to strength, becoming a B-Corp certified company, supplying honey to the whole of the UK. As a certified B-Corp company, Hilltop has demonstrated that they are meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

All of Hilltop’s products are 100% pure and natural, tested for authenticity.

Scott Davies, Hilltop Honey Founder and Managing Director, said: “After injuring my back and being out of work, I found myself with a new and niche hobby in bees. I never would’ve thought it would lead to me producing honey for the country.

“I can’t thank Tesco enough for listing our new honey in stores.

“We hope that our honey can make the world just a little bit sweeter.”

Hilltop Welsh Blossom Honey is the latest new Welsh product to be launched by Tesco in Wales, with the supermarket’s Welsh-based buying team planning further product launches this year to further expand its industry-leading range of Welsh products in stores.