World’s greatest Land Rover adventure?

  • Llandysul co-author shares his fantastic story of the journey of a lifetime
  • Three Men in a Land Rover – out now from Porter Press

Three Men In A Land Rover tells the true story of three school friends who set off in a second hand Land Rover just over fifty years ago to attempt the world’s longest land journey.

At the wheel of ‘TEN’, their 1964 Series IIA Land Rover, Chris Wall, Mike Palmer and Andrew ‘Waxy’ Wainwright navigated across challenging terrain and through political unrest – finding themselves held at gunpoint, being arrested on suspicion of murder and even accused of spying!

This brand new, 208-page book is the tale of a truly epic overland trip covering 40,000 miles and 40 countries, as told by the three gentlemen who undertook such an achievement – using their own personal diaries of the time as the basis and including more than 250 never-before-seen photographs and documents from their archives.

They were arrested twice – in Iran and Iraq – taken hostage at gunpoint by armed soldiers in the Congo and crossed the Sahara alone at the hottest time of the year. The adventure of over 40,000 miles through 40 countries is beautifully illustrated with over 250 colour photos and chronicles how they crossed the River Naf on a silo to be the first into Burma for over 20 years and how they navigated war in the Middle East to take a boat from Jordan to Africa.

One of the three, Llandysul resident Chris Wall says:”What a different world it was – still dangerous but somehow simpler. There were no mobile phones, in fact mostly no phones of any kind, meaning that we might as well not existed – nobody knew where we were and we had no means of telling anyone. It was a journey that would be impossible now – we were so lucky that a small window of opportunity allowed us to complete the journey – and live to tell the tale!”

With support from the United Nations Association, the ‘UNAtrek’ overland expedition also visited a number of supported projects in remote areas, helping to highlight the important work that organisations such as UNICEF were carrying out at the time and, through reports sent back to the UNA as well as the wider press, their story is an intriguing window into an evolving world, as the 1960s gave way to a new decade.

For those with a passion for travel, overlanding or Land Rovers, this tale of triumph in the face of adversity is certain to have you dreaming of exploration and adventure – even if just from the safety of your own armchair!

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